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snow geese migration near St Elmo IL, Dave Moody 2

Flocks of Canada geese made lots of noise this morning to wake us up. We followed the Post Road today into a pine forest along the Illinois Bayou. Tomorrow we will follow the river upstream until we find an easier place to cross. We are not near a town now, just out in the middle of the woods.

Sarah remembers decorating for Christmas at the Moravian missions at Springplace and New Echota. The missionaries cut evergreen bows and brought them inside. They filled their chapels and houses with candlelight on this evening and the coming day to celebrate the birth of Jesus. We are outside among the pine trees and under the stars tonight, with a blazing fire to keep us warm. She says the story of Jesus began with Joseph and Mary taking a long trip to Bethlehem, ordered to do so by a distant government, and giving birth to Jesus in a stable. We are doing something like they did. I would enjoy the warmth of a stable tonight. Otherwise our night is much like theirs. It is a good starry night to remember that the Great Spirit is with us too.

…excerpts from Red Wolf’s (John Francis Bell’s) Day Log