The large Cooper’s Hawk glided to a tree branch at the edge of the little clearing in front of our Ozark home. His red eyes searched, his gold chest puffed out, his navy blue banded tail feathers twitched. He looked at the long white snake that stretched across our driveway, ready to pounce and carry it away. For half an hour he studied quietly, then out of exasperation he started to cry out, trying anything to get that snake to move.

We had been taking note of cardinals, tanagers, chickadees and other unidentified birds. They of course disappeared when the hawk arrived, leaving him to consider the snake as easier prey. But he looked like he wanted some help; maybe a flock of Cooper Hawks might be needed for that intractable white snake.

We had some problems getting telephone service into the new little house. The contractor dutifully followed the wiring plan and installed several telephone jacks and bundled them into one line at the Northeast corner of the house. The phone company, as promised, provided telephone service down the 400 foot lane and installed the service box… at the Southwest corner of the house. We suppose they thought that the intervening link might be provided by satellite or something. Tiring quickly of going outside to plug a phone directly into the service box, I stretched a hundred foot line between the box and the bundle… a long white telephone line, across our front drive.

The hawk finally gave up and flew away, but a few hours later he was back for a while, and next day, too. Wondering what’s up here? Concluding that some things are not meant to be. Like a lot of things in life that may work out in accord with our plans, or not, we just have to wait, and see.