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pair of deer in snowWhen we left Strong’s Inn this morning we followed the Military Road up a gradual incline to Crowley’s Ridge, which is the top of the bluffs along the river valley. We followed the ridge through wooded and hilly areas for several miles. The road stayed level, turning a little left and right, but not going up and down the steep ravines.

Not long after we reached the top of the bluff a doe and her fawn walked through the woods alongside the wagon train, about ten paces from the road. She kept walking alongside for at least two hands of time. Some wanted to shoot her, but my Udoda told them we had enough meat, and her feeling of safety with us was a good sign. Many of our people are Deer Clan. We can take their presence as a sign that helping spirits are with us on our journey. That reminded me of seeing the red wolf on the way to Ududu’s place, when I was feeling lost and weak. We feel blessed to have spirit helpers with us. It seems to be a rare and special event.

When the road turned west away from the bluff, the land became flat again. The trees changed from bare-of-leaf maples and brown-leafed oaks to pine woods bordering grass and marsh lands. In this flat area the road goes straight as an arrow. We can see all of the wagons stretched ahead of us for more than a mile. We didn’t go far today, before we set up camp. Those who stayed in the inn a second night will be able to catch up with us tomorrow.