Bessie Coen

Bessie Coen

Rose Hill, July 19, 1914 [Miss Bessie Coen, Marshall Ave 3201, Mattoon] 

Dear Bessie, I will answer your most kind and welcome letter which I received last Friday and was sure glad to hear from you. How are you standing this hot weather? I suppose that you are at the park now. It is 7:30 clock. I would sure like to be with you. It seems like a long time since I saw you. I am thinking about going up to my sisters one day this week. If I do I think I will drive over next Sunday eve if I can but Bessie don’t look for me until you see me coming. 

Oh that was too bad about that colored man. I don know when things are gonna change but they got to. I had some bad luck the other evening. One of the horses run away with me but I didnt get hurt very bad. I got two ribs broken But I get out pretty lucky. I havent worked much since. I am going to try to work tomorrow. Well Bessie I must close for this time. Answer soon. Good by from your true friend, CW