Bessie Coen

Bessie Coen

Charleston, Nov. 25, 1913 [Mr. Carl Warfel, Rose Hill] 

Dear Friend,

Vena and I have been thinking for quite a while, that we would write you a few lines, but kept putting it off and have not written; and now we are going to write you a Thanksgiving letter. I am at Charleston now. I’ve been sewing for Vena and Belle and we have been having some good times. Tonight there are eight children here, all under twelve years of age, and Vena and I have been entertaining them, while their parents are gone to the Opera. 

We have been making fudge and popping corn. They certainly seem to be enjoying themselves. I am so glad that we can make them happy. Vena and I sure had a grand time when we were down at your house, last July. I was working at a dress-maker’s shop here in Charleston, then we moved to Mattoon and I had to quit work and have not been working away from home since then. I do not like Mattoon, but I try to be satisfied, for it is so much better for papa, as he works there all the time. 

Well I must close, for there will be no room for Vena to write. This is so near Thanksgiving that we should be thankful for many things and most of all for all things good. I hope this will find you and all the rest well. Best wishes to all. Please answer. From Bessie Coen.