Bessie Coen

Bessie Coen

Rose Hill Ills, April 10, 1914 [To: Miss Bessie Coen, Mattoon Illinois, 3208 Marion St.]

Dear Bessie, I received your welcome letter this eve and was so glad to hear from you and was glad to hear that Mattoon was a dry city. They was some women voted down here. This is almost like winter again.  I suppose that you are at work now. It is just 20 till 1 clock now. I was sorry to hear that you couldn’t stand work but Bessie it hain’t the work. You don’t get enough pure air. I know that I couldn’t stand that kind of work very long. The best thing that you can do I think is just to quit working there. You had better quit work for a while any way. I would like to see you this Sunday but I cannot but I will try and come up before very long. Yes Bessie I will tell you all I know about that when I see you and how I heard it. Well I must close for this time. It’s work time. Grant is going up to Hidalgo this afternoon. With all kind wishes to you I will close for this time. Answer soon from your true friend Carl. Good bye.

Mattoon, April 17, 1914 [To: Mr. Carl Warfel, Rose Hill]

Dear Carl, I was so glad to get your letter, and would have answered sooner, but I have been very busy, working in the daytime and sewing at night. Well we have been having some beautiful weather, but I think we will have rain soon, it looks so cloudy tonight. They have all been talking about the factory closing, but I think it will be like it was before; it will just keep running.  Bonnie was laid off this morning and don’t have to go back until Monday. There are a lot of girls out of work there now. I suppose we cuff girls will have work as long as any is left. I haven’t had my glasses on since I wrote to you before. I would like to have seen you Sunday, but you could not have stayed very long and go back on that afternoon train.

Yes, Helen Walker speaks now. She stopped me this evening as I past there and talked quite a while. I like her mother very much. Clara Reed was over here Sunday evening but did not speak to me. She didn’t like it because I was out on the porch while she was over here. She told Bonnie she was afraid I would think that she wanted to make up. Well I must close for it is getting late. I hope that you can get to come up before very long. Hoping to see you soon I will close for this time, From Your True Friend, Bessie.